Lights At The Farm was created out of our love for Christmas and Bright LED Lights. Our hope is for this show to spark a smile on your face as it does ours. Spreading Christmas cheer is our prime motivation and in doing so, we hope that every person can experience the true reason for the season and celebrate the Savior of the world and all of his majesty.

Lights at the farm is Arizona’s largest walk-thru Christmas light show you will ever experience! There are over 2 million led lights and displays, driven by over 12,000 computer channels, synchronized to your favorite Christmas songs. Bring your friends and family to enjoy the show as you begin a new Christmas tradition.

Update:  Our COVID-19 Policy

Lights At The Farm is hosted at Vertuccio Farms. Vertuccio Farms is following county recommendations for outside activities.
Vertuccio Farms is a large 25-acre farm with activities that are entirely outside and spread out. Socially distancing is easy to practice and the responsibility of each patron who enters the farm. We welcome all customers here. We respect your right to privacy and your individual rights to do what is best for you and your family regarding your health practice. Being a large outside venue, we are not required to mandate mask/face-coverings when entering the farm but we do recommend it if you find yourself in a situation where social distancing is difficult. We are selling limited admissions online each day for crowd control measures. We have spread out activities, tables, and removed close contact situations. Vertuccio Farms has implemented procedures to make social distancing easier. We will not take your temperature or ask for personal data such as recent visits or contact information. If you have been with someone who is sick or does not feel well, we ask that you use your best judgment on your health care matters, and join us when you are feeling better. The farm has increased handwashing areas and hand sanitizing stations throughout the farm. We have implemented increased sanitizing protocols at all tables, play structures, and hard surface areas, which includes the use of an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer. The same safe technology used in airports and other high traffic areas. The risk of exposure to viruses, bacteria, and germs still exists. Individuals and families are responsible for their decisions regarding attendance.
Vertuccio Farms is private property and we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. All customers who chose to enter the farm assume all responsibility and risks.
Thank you.